The Locksmiths Credit

This is a website about locksmiths by Carl. You might be thinking ” why has he put a locksmiths website on such a weird domain?”. Well, the reason is because I the like the name as it’s a bit like mine (the Carl bit!) and I don’t think it really matters does it? The idea of this website is to let you also put your stories about when you had to call a locksmith. If the story is funny or adventurous then even better – this website might even become a big hit!

Well, I’m sure folk have done weirder things and I’m sure you don’t mind, do you?

combination lock

Now let’s get down to business. Locksmiths are a great bunch of people and they really should be given more credit then they are currently given. I mean, who else is going to unlock your door when you’ve been out on the jolly and you need to get back in to your yard at 3am. Those wonderful locks guys and girls are keeping their telephones on all day long so that you can get back into your house.

gold padlock

But that is surely what they’re paid to do I hear you say. Well yes, locksmiths are paid to gain entry into property but that does not mean that they are not a great bunch of guys. I once had to call a locksmith at 4am because I had been out on the ciders all night. I’m not talking about 1 or 2 ciders, no sir, I’m talking about 15 good pints of the fine juice. Now, when I returned I noticed that i had lost everything. My keys, my phone, my wallet and also my dignity.

Luckily I live near a telephone box so I called Locksmiths Bristol who came out to me in a matter of minutes. Luckily I live just next to a phone box just like the one in this picture.called locksmith from phone box

What a luck guy i am to have this wonderful telephone box outside my house you’re thinking? Well, even if you’re not then that’s what you should be thinking because these are now quite a rare site and I’m really happy yo have it near me.

Back to the story. Now I called the guy from the locksmiths place and boy did he come along fast. I asked him how he managed to arrive so quickly and he informed me that he gets so many calls from people who have had to much to drink at the weekend that he doesn’t even bother gong to bed. What a guy I thought, you are my hero. So much so that I thought I would put his video on here because it’s so funky.