Interior decorating approach

When it comes to your home, there are many little ways to make your house or place of residence more like a home, more like you. A place which you enjoy coming home to, and a place where you can relax, and feel that it’s a part, or an extension of yourself. On top of that it doesn’t even have to cost nearly as much as you think! So, if you are one of those who have many ideas, but are struggling to get off the mark and get started on something due to the fear of a high cost, well then think again! Here are some little tips on how you can make your home a better place for yourself, for others, and make your every day just that little bit better.

Choosing colours
interior decoratingIf you are planning to paint or get new wallpapers up, it’s a small thing that makes a huge difference in look, and feeling. Much due to the fact of light in the room, as us humans are highly effected by it. It might be a little thing that makes it easier to get up in the mornings and that extra little thing that pushes you over the edge and make you want to spend time in the room. Of course what you pick is much up to personal preference, however, what is worth keeping in mind over just your own favourite colour, is what it’s in the room, and what will you be doing in the room? What type of mood are you looking for, and what goes well with the furniture that is already there. This will help create a more full experience when you are there.

Now there are a billion different colours and shades, and types of paint and wallpapers to choose from, making it a bit of a mammoth task to take one looking at all of them, which is why it’s better to first have the idea of what you want, then start the search. Should you run into new impressions and ideas along the way, then remind yourself of the reasons you are looking for the thing that you are looking for, but if they are not, maybe a quick re-evaluation may be a good idea. However! Be careful with being to open to new suggestions, as it may cause more stress and it may seem like you are getting further away from a decision, again pushing your renewal or your home forward in time. And this is not something which is always ideal, keeping in mind that it will do that little brighten of your day! Time in confusion over what to pick, may be better spent rationalising what you have already picked, affirming your own choice internally than changing your mind many times and being left in doubt, and question to weather you have made the right choice or not. Remember, nothing is forever, and should you a year down the line be tired of the colour chosen. Well then it’s not that big of a job to change it.

Furniture placement
Some of us seemingly have too many things, and some of us have to little, or not exactly ideal things for what we want both in practicality and in looks, which is why some planning might be a good idea here to. There are of course no rules on how to decorate, but for easy living, and a good atmosphere at home, what is usually in the best interest of the person living there is space. Or more correctly have enough space. By enough space I only mean so that one can move freely, as you don’t want your home to be an obstacle course. If you are planning on getting new furniture in, this should be good news as well, as you won’t need as much! Either way, in this as well, it’s always easier to add something later, than to get rid of something which has already incurred a cost, and a commitment in some form as you will most of the time like what you buy.

If you are just after a fresh look, and don’t want to spend much money, there are many easy little ways to make the furniture you already have into seemingly completely new. The use, of wood stain, creative ideas and fabric will usually do the trick, all you need is some energy to put in.

Wall decorations
There are many discussions on how to arrange your pictures and artwork on the walls, a guideline is that the average eye height level is around 60 inches from the floor, and should you have many guests this may be a good idea to follow, since this is what most galleries and museums use. This means that the centre of the painting for example, is 60 inches off the floor. Now, since this is your space though, and you will by far spend much more time in this space, it may be a good idea to adjust this to match your own height.

The only tendency to watch out for here, is our want to fill the space, and if the ceilings are high we might want to place our wall decorations in the middle somewhere. BUT! The decorations should be for humans, and adjusted to humans, not to the structure of the building, and should you find that it’s a bit empty on top, there are also many creative ways to decorate small strips. But this is only something you need to engage with should you feel that there is a need once all the pictures are up, who knows you might like the space above!

colorful roomCreativity!
Lastly I just want to mention this word, there are many guides, tips and trick and great impressions of inspiration out there. Just keep in mind that when it comes to being creative, doing things as you like them, it’s much more important in creating your own space and your own home than following guidelines or rules to make something. So make sure you never forget about the reason you are decorating, as it’s for your, and the people who will be sharing the space with you from time to time!

Locksmiths Gain Access

locksmiths keysIt’s quite common that keys get lost, there may be some sort of statistic for it, and it will surely be a ridiculous number. However I think it’s quite easy for anyone to imagine that the amount of keys lost every year is a considerable number. You don’t have to be a locksmiths to comprehend this. Your keys is something you carry with you most every day, they’re in your bag, on the table, in your office, at your friends etc. With this constant movement it’s almost inevitable not for them to get lost at some point. It’s at that sort of time that you’ll need the assistance of http://locksmiths-of-bristol.co.uk/ to get you out of a difficult situation.

I’m not sure if you ever thought about the situation. But if should you ever find yourself in the situation of not being able to gain access to your home due to the unfortunate loss of your keys, you will need to get in touch with your local locksmiths. They will be able to help you out, and most of the times these days, they have an around the clock service available, which comes to your rescue in a short period of time. So it may be a good idea to keep the number for your locksmiths somewhere close, to make sure you can call them if you need them. Another way to prevent this type of cost or issue, is to get a spare key cut and leave it in a secret place, or with someone you trust. Your local locksmiths will be able to perform key cutting as well. However it’s not a completely safe solution, locks do break and jam. And at times the key might even snap in the lock depending on the quality of they key that you’ve got.

The Locksmiths Credit

This is a website about locksmiths by Carl. You might be thinking ” why has he put a locksmiths website on such a weird domain?”. Well, the reason is because I the like the name as it’s a bit like mine (the Carl bit!) and I don’t think it really matters does it? The idea of this website is to let you also put your stories about when you had to call a locksmith. If the story is funny or adventurous then even better – this website might even become a big hit! I used to be a plumber Bristol with my brother at Everyday Plumbers Bristol but decided to change careers.

Well, I’m sure folk have done weirder things and I’m sure you don’t mind, do you?

combination lock

Now let’s get down to business. Locksmiths are a great bunch of people and they really should be given more credit then they are currently given. I mean, who else is going to unlock your door when you’ve been out on the jolly and you need to get back in to your yard at 3am. Those wonderful locks guys and girls are keeping their telephones on all day long so that you can get back into your house.

gold padlock

But that is surely what they’re paid to do I hear you say. Well yes, locksmiths are paid to gain entry into property but that does not mean that they are not a great bunch of guys. I once had to call a locksmith at 4am because I had been out on the ciders all night. I’m not talking about 1 or 2 ciders, no sir, I’m talking about 15 good pints of the fine juice. Now, when I returned I noticed that i had lost everything. My keys, my phone, my wallet and also my dignity.

Luckily I live near a telephone box so I called Locksmiths Bristol to repair doors and fix locks who came out to me in a matter of minutes. Luckily I live just next to a phone box just like the one in this picture.called locksmith from phone box

What a luck guy i am to have this wonderful telephone box outside my house you’re thinking? Well, even if you’re not then that’s what you should be thinking because these are now quite a rare site and I’m really happy yo have it near me.

Back to the story. Now I called the guy from the locksmiths place and boy did he come along fast. I asked him how he managed to arrive so quickly and he informed me that he gets so many calls from people who have had to much to drink at the weekend that he doesn’t even bother gong to bed. What a guy I thought, you are my hero. So much so that I thought I would put his video on here because it’s so funky.

Locksmiths on Poetry Duty

No he shouted, you have to lock the door like a real locksmith, if you keep doing it in such a weak way there is simply no point or you might as well be away. You will never become a master this way he said as he walked away

Marco thought to himself, I wish papa locksmith could be a nicer person, he’s always so angry, I just want to sit and smell the flowers, I don’t want to be a locksmith anyway, it’s your dream for me to be, not mine. In your desperation for an apprentice you took advantage of me being a homeless kid with no food, and now I feel somewhat forced to fulfill your wishes, or you, and I suppose everyone else will see me as someone who feels no gratitude. I’m simply not cut out, like a key, not cut out for this type of job, or life for that matter, it’s warm and sweaty, and over all very boring. The boring is the most boring of course, but you knew that already.

Hey boy, you need to make it more square there and more oval there, don’t you know this by now. Every locksmith needs to be able to do this to perfection! Disgrace!

Marco glanced over his shoulder to see the man, the locksmith who saved him from the streets, the man who lost his own son that winter, the man who he owed his life and everything, and instead of shouting back be quiet old man, locksmiths are boring, Marco simply muttered an apology, and said he would try to do it again, but better this time. Thanks to Simon at Everyday Plumbers Bristol for his contribution.